I am running!

“From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running” – Forrest Gump

I have never considered myself a runner. I didn’t think I had a runner’s body or a runner’s mind. Sure, I would “do some cardio” on the treadmill.  But I never gave the thought of road running any serious consideration partly due to my misconceptions about what it meant to be a runner.

It was by chance that I noticed a Facebook post by someone that did not fit my definition of a runner. But she was doing it (albeit slowly and for short distances).  My judgement was that if she can do it, then surely I can do it.  Physically I was getting stronger.  I was working out with a trainer at the gym.  My trainer and I would even run laps at the track on Saturdays.  So taking the next step to road running began to be a possibility.

So on 5 September 2013, in my 43rd year of life, I joined a running group for the first time.  I ran a modest 2.18 miles in 25.50 minutes. More importantly, I have not stopped running. Since that first day, I have logged 478.38 miles and completed three half marathons.  And I have signed up for the 50 Marathons in 50 States challenge.

So now if I am going somewhere, I am running!

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